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Find ways to keep best, brightest in China

Updated: 2014-02-14 20:13
By Li Yang (

The Chinese government needs to draw lessons from nationals’ emigration fervor. China should improve its intellectual property rights protection, promote the healthy development of the marketplace and build a fair society by rule of law, says an article in the 21st Century Business Herald. Some excerpts:

Canada’s government recently announced its intention to end the immigrant investor program. It is estimated that 46,000 Chinese applicants will be affected.

Many Chinese immigrants do not work or live in Canada after obtaining Canadian nationality. Emigration has also been regarded as a convenient way for corrupt officials to transfer their illegal gains abroad.

Social and cultural problems caused by new immigrants also are behind the tightening of immigration policies in developed countries.

Stricter policies will help the countries to select immigrants that suit their needs.

The new policies will not quell Chinese people’s passion for emigration. The applicants will look for other means to obtain residency in other countries.

Although Chinese emigrants account for only a small proportion of the national total, they are frequently the best-educated and the richest. Their decisions are influential.

The elite groups of people, as beneficiaries of China’s fast development, have social responsibilities.

If they can actively participate in the construction and reforms of their motherland, the whole society will become more vigorous.