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May sense dawn on Aquino

Updated: 2014-02-07 07:43
( China Daily)

Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III, in comparing China to Nazi Germany, has exposed his true colors as an amateur politician who is ignorant both of history and reality, says a Xinhua commentary.

China's claim of sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea has a sound historical foundation. More importantly, China, instead of bullying its smaller neighbors as Aquino wrongly alleges, seeks to resolve the issue via dialogue and consultation.

The Philippine leader has conveniently chosen to ignore the fact that it is his government that has adopted a confrontational approach by trying to snatch the islands and waters that have been an integral part of Chinese territory since ancient times. It is unfortunate that Aquino is trying to create animosity with China.

Territorial disputes have always been sensitive issues. No one expects them to be resolved overnight. So, it is important for politicians to sound rational and reasonable when they address them.

Relations between China and the Philippines have improved after the Chinese people extended a helping hand to their counterparts in the Southeast Asian country following the recent devastating typhoon. But Aquino's latest attack against China threatens to kill this unique opportunity to further improve bilateral relations.

Despite the ridiculous comparisons made by Aquino and Japanese leaders, the international community cannot ignore the fact that China has chosen and stuck to the path of peaceful development. Its future is tied to its neighbors and global partners. And military adventurism has never been a policy option for Beijing.

The Philippines itself is an example of how expanding trade and investment ties with China can be beneficiary for both parties. A professional and mature Philippine leader could do more good to his country by seeking to resolve the territorial dispute with China through dialogue and consultation.