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Cut expenses through budget system reform

Updated: 2014-01-24 14:51

Carrying out budget system reform is the best way to exert effective inspection and supervision over the making and execution of government budgets, says an article in Beijing News. Excerpts:

In the recently concluded annual sessions of the local legislatures, or People's Congress, across China, local governments submitted their 2014 administration budgets, including their budget expenses for receptions, business travel and cars, to local legislature for inspection. Although many governments' 2014 budgets are lower than before, the legislators should still take their responsibility seriously as the main government budget inspectors and supervisors.

The central government has made various rules to supervise local government spending in almost every field where civil servants may squander taxpayer money.

Many luxurious hotels, restaurants, expensive liquor makers and flower shops are experiencing difficult times because of the government's cutting of expenditures.

Modernization of governance does not originate from the shrinking of government expenditures, but from the establishment and progress in budget-making, budget-inspection and supervision systems.

China must promote its budget system reform to let the People's Congress at various levels and judicial authorities play their due part in supervising the operation of administrative powers.

Without an effective budget system, it is almost impossible to curb official spending.

Meanwhile, the central government should maintain its current high pressure on local governments, forcing them to make good use of the government budgets to improve people's livelihoods, instead of increasing individuals' personal gains.