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Education efforts build a bridge

Updated: 2013-10-30 06:58
( China Daily)

Comment on "Shanghai boosts education services" (China Daily, Oct 24)

Shanghai is the most energetic and cosmopolitan cities in China, and in recent years the authorities have made great efforts in the education field to enhance the city's appeal.

Education efforts build a bridge

Two freshmen arrive at the Shanghai New York University in August to start their first semester at the China-US university, along with about 300 students from 40 countries. Liu Xiaojing / for China Daily

It has been successful in these efforts and attracted excellent international educational and teaching resources to Shanghai, which have benefited both local students and many other students in China. It is also good to see that the city has begun to realize the importance of attracting foreign students through international exchanges and cooperation.

Education plays a key role in building a diversified and vivid culture, and without the engine of culture a city cannot grow and develop healthily. By attracting foreign students to study in Shanghai, Chinese students can communicate and understand the outside world better and learn from other cultures.

Moreover, students from all over the world will know more about contemporary China. When they finish studying they will become an important bridge for international communication and trade. Understanding among different cultures will help people all over the world eliminate misunderstanding and cooperate well, which is of great significance as the world is becoming a global village. I hope that Shanghai, and the rest of the country, will benefit from this kind of exchange and communication.

Shen Yuhang, via e-mail

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(China Daily 10/30/2013 page9)