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A new word in English misses the point

Updated: 2013-08-30 22:17

The Wall Street Journal recently coined the term dama (big mother), which comes from Chinese pinyin, to refer to middle-aged Chinese women who have become a driving force in the global gold market. Some are quick to say that the word reflects China's growing global clout, which is not entirely true, said an article in Xi'an-based Sanqin Daily (excerpts below).

Many people are happy about the ascent of dama into the English language, reasoning that the more advanced a country becomes, the more influential its language will be.

The Wall Street Journal video said that it is largely because of dama that China can compete with India as the world's largest gold consumer.

A group of dama flooding into jewelry shops and driving the gold binge can only generate an unflattering image of the newly rich.

It also suggests that the herd instinct is at play. A group of individuals buying up the precious metal regardless of the cost.

Other factors are at play, regardless of what the dama do or do not do.

Chinese people are making financial decisions for themselves and they are doing this because their status has improved, both in terms of education and spending power.

There may be dama in this group but it is much more than just dama.