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US role in Sino-Russia ties

Updated: 2013-03-26 21:31
( chinadaily.com.cn)

The joint statement by China and Russia means Sino-Russia relations have been lifted to a new strategic high. The United States should reflect on its diplomatic misjudgment that, to some extent, pushes China and Russia closer, says an article in Guangzhou Daily. Excerpts:

While the US and many other western countries are trapped in a debt crisis, China and Russia are rising and reviving. US foreign policies have not adjusted accordingly, but continue to squeeze China and Russia's strategic space in East Asia and in Europe.

The more the US tries to contain China and Russia, the faster its hegemony collapses. The US is paying for its strategic prejudice and pride because China and Russia are forced to stand together.

Compared with international politics before the 1970s, China has become a strong, robust and rising power.

Some Russian scholars think Russia is facing an unprecedented strategic period when neither the US nor China can afford to completely lose Russia to balance each other's influence. To build new relations between big powers, China and Russia should form more inclusive cooperative relations, strengthen coordination on multilateral international stages and respect each other's strategic concerns.

The US should realize constructing long-term, stable and healthy relations among big powers is important for world peace and development and comply with the demands of global governance. A better world in the future cannot be realized without the three countries' coordination.