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Two sessions in Beijing grab world attention

Updated: 2013-03-07 21:22
( chinadaily.com.cn)

The world now pays as much attention to the two sessions as Chinese people do because the sessions are not only related to Chinese people's livelihood and happiness, but also to the global economic recovery, says an article of People's Daily. Excerpt:

China's Government Work Report and the new target for economic growth in 2013 set in the China's National People's Congress sent at least two pieces of good news to the world. The effects of the goods news have been seen recently in all major stock markets.

First, China will accelerate the transformation of its economic growth model and promote the healthy and steady development of the economy. Second, the Chinese government will continue to carry out proactive financial policies and stable monetary policies.

These messages promise bright prospects for China's economy in 2013. The Chinese economy's influence on the world in the past five years is obvious: It is like the ripples caused by a drop of ink in still water as the ripples get bigger and bigger.

The macro-economy of China has continued its stable and fast growth in the past five years. Consumer prices are stable and employment is increasing. As more countries want to take advantage of China's fast development, their happiness is naturally linked with China.