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Reducing risks of fireworks

Updated: 2013-02-18 08:05
( China Daily)

Recent years have witnessed many major accidents caused by fireworks, especially after firework manufacturers modified their fireworks to increase the explosive power. It is high time the government promoted the use of safer and more environmentally friendly digital fireworks, says an article on rednet.cn. Excerpts:

Fireworks not only cause air pollution, the whole fireworks are responsible for about 40 percent of the fires during Spring Festival.

It seems unrealistic to fully ban the traditional Chinese custom, but at least the regulations could start by curbing the size of the fireworks and increasing the areas where it is prohibited to set off fireworks. To maintain a festival atmosphere, governments could organize firework shows or allow citizens to set off firecrackers at designated spots.

The public should be reminded of the potential dangers of fireworks and the use of digital fireworks should be promoted as a safer and more environmental friendly way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Governments should not only actively promote the new custom, but also encourage manufacturers to develop a wide variety for citizens.

(China Daily 02/18/2013 page9)