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New chapter in bilateral ties

By Song Tao (China Daily) Updated: 2012-08-29 07:27

The growing of China-Germany cooperation necessitates the governmental consultations mechanism. The first round of the consultations was co-chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao and Chancellor Angela Merkel and participated in by nearly 30 ministers and vice-ministers from 15 Chinese departments and agencies and 10 German federal agencies in Berlin in June 2011. It produced fruitful results. The two sides signed a number of documents and business contracts and identified priority cooperation areas and projects such as strategic cooperation in electric vehicles, vocational education cooperation alliance, a special loan for SMEs cooperation, a standardization cooperation committee, Chinese Culture Year, a life science innovation platform, an innovative policy platform, building efficiency and medical and health care. Cooperation in these areas is being carried out with visible results, speaking volumes for the quality and level of China-Germany relations.

The second round of China-Germany governmental consultations to be held in China will continue to play an important role in planning for and guiding the relations between the two countries, charting the road ahead from where bilateral cooperation stands. The two governments, bearing in mind the long-term interests, will discuss ways to cooperate in strategic emerging industries, further increase trade and mutual investment, step up policy dialogue and coordination in the financial sector, deepen exchanges and cooperation in infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture, social security and other priority areas and enhance youth, media and cultural exchanges. The two sides will also have candid and in-depth exchange of views on major international issues in an effort to jointly promote world peace and development.

Both China and Germany are important players in the world arena. Germany is a major country in Europe, and relations with Germany are part and parcel of China's overall relations with Europe. China-Germany governmental consultations mechanism has not only provided a broad and efficient platform for practical cooperation and boosted China-Germany strategic partnership, but also set the direction for the long-term growth of China-EU relations. In the global context, this mechanism offers a new way for major emerging countries to work with Western industrialized countries.

We are confident about the success of the second round of China-Germany governmental consultations and the future of China-Germany relations. We wish to work with Germany to seize opportunities, tap cooperation potentials and work for a better future for China-Germany and China-EU relations and contribute to world peace, development, prosperity and stability.

The author is China's vice-minister of Foreign Affairs.

(China Daily 08/29/2012 page8)

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