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Modern Agricultural Park2012-03-13

Rating: AAAA
Tel: 53300222
The Taicang is a modern agricultural integration zone for recreational tourism, which holds the modern agricultural exhibition hall, flower and plant gardening exhibition hall, Entian Rose Park and wetlands.

Tongjue Temple2012-03-13

Location: Southern ring road, Fuqiao town, Taicang
The Taicang Tongjue Temple was constructed during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, which has attracted many pilgrims of all ages.

Shuangfeng Temple2012-03-13

Location:Eastern side of No.204 national highway, Shuangfeng town, Taicang
The Shuangfeng Temple, an ancient Buddhist worship site, was constructed in 331 AD during the sixth year reign of Emperor Xianhe of the Jin Dynasty.

Puji Temple2012-03-13

Location: Puji street, Zhitang, Shaxi town, Taicang
Tel: 0512-53251396
The Puji Temple has been recognized as one of the top 10 scenic spots of the Zhitang area..

Shaxi Ancient Town2012-03-08

As a rare ancient town, Shaxi has a long history and distinctive sightseeing and rich specialties.

South Garden2012-03-08

Rating: AAA
:No. 7, East Nanyuan Rd., Chengxiang Town
Constructed in the period of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, the garden was where Wang Xijue, the royal consultant in the Ming Dynasty.