Jijiadun village


Jijiadun village rests quietly to the south of the picturesque water town Jinxi in Jiangsu province.

Zhangjiashe village


Standing quietly to the southeast of the water town of Jinxi and resting on the eastern banks of Wubao Lake, Zhangjiashe village has a long and colorful history.

Mayuanzhuang village


From a natural fortress coveted by China's ancient generals to a gold mine for real estate speculators in the 1990s, Mayuanzhuang village in Jiangsu province has had a long and colorful history.

Enjoying the lotus flowers of Kunshan


For a great way to celebrate a bright summer day with friends and family you could hardly do better than visiting a garden full of lotus flowers in full bloom.

Jingu Eco-Farm: A place to enjoy summer vacations in Qiandeng town


Lush plants, sweet scents of flowers and fruits and fresh air are what lures visitors from all around to the bucolic Jingu farm.

Datang eco-park, idyllic style in Qiandeng


Datang eco-park in Qiandeng town is the place for urbanites from nearby cities such as Shanghai and Suzhou to catch a break from the clammy summer days.

Nightscape in Kunshan's water towns


Traditional wooden architecture typical of the area and ancient stone arched bridges leave much to be desired among travellers. This is especially true at night, where the scene becomes alive with enchantment.

Cultural project set to rekindle ancient kiln site in Kunshan


Tile and brick making was once a thriving industry in the small water town of Jinxi in Kunshan. Thanks to extensive re-creation works, the glamorous history of this trade can now be observed in the town's Zhudian village.

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Four special holiday dishes to try in Kunshan

Like Christmas Day in the West, it is traditional in China to cook up an enormous feast on Chinese New Year, with dinner tables groaning under the weight of dozens of dishes.

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