Mayuanzhuang village


Updated: 2016-10-26

Mayuanzhuang village

Mayuanzhuang village, surrounded by tranquil waters, offers picturesque views and a unique pastoral lifestyle. [Photo from WeChat account jinxiguzhen]

From a natural fortress coveted by China's ancient generals to a gold mine for real estate speculators in the 1990s, Mayuanzhuang village in Jiangsu province has had a long and colorful history.

Standing quietly to the south of Jinxi town on the northern banks of Dianshan Lake, the rivers and streams crisscrossing the area around Mayuanzhuang make it a natural military stronghold, and soldiers have fought over the village for thousands of years.

The village takes its name from the great general Mayuan, who commanded the armies of the Emperor Guangwu, founder of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220). While stationed in the village, Mayuan taught his soldiers to swim in the waters surrounding his base, creating such an impression that the village was later named after him.

During the 1990s, the village caught the eyes of a different breed of strategists, real estate companies. And since then, various real estate projects, including three large-scale ones, had got underway in Mayuanzhuang.

Now home to around 1,500 people, the village's population once flourished. According to local archaeological studies, the history of Mayuanzhuang can be dated back to the Neolithic Period, when the village boasted a large population and splendid civilization.

Surrounded by its tranquil waters, Mayuanzhuang today offers picturesque views and a unique pastoral lifestyle.

Mayuanzhuang village



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