The Zhouzhuang hotels that take you back in time


Four homestay hotels done out in the styles prevalent in the Chinese countryside in the 1960s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s have opened to the public in Qibang village, located in the west of Zhouzhuang.

Fudian Chanyin, Zen style hostel in Jinxi town


The inn was designed by FCD FuchenDesign with an undivided focus on minimalism, creating an environment for the meditative mind.

JE Hotel and Resorts in Jinxi town, Kunshan


JE Hotel and Resorts in Jinxi town offers a comfortable lodging experience, considerate services and an array of sporting and leisure amenities.

Three inns in Zhouzhuang


Zhouzhuang is home to well preserved cultural and scenic attractions and it has developed a number of quality hotels and inns to cater to visitors.

Xiangcun Qizhuang in Zhouzhuang


Located in the idyllic water town of Zhouzhuang, the resort hotel of Xiangcun Qizhuang in Qibang village allows visitors to stay in buildings that were once used by local residents.

Zhonghuilv Hotel in Bacheng town


Zhonghuilv Scenic Chain has been a leading player in the Chinese resort hotels industry for years and visitors can be rest assured of a professional level of the services.

Carton King Art Space Inn


Address: Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang town, Kunshan

Zhenggutang Hotel


Address: No 1, Hougang Street, near Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang town, Kunshan

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