Cultural project set to rekindle ancient kiln site in Kunshan


Updated: 2016-06-08

Tile and brick making was once a thriving industry in the small water town of Jinxi in Kunshan. Thanks to extensive re-creation works, the glamorous history of this trade can now be observed in the town's Zhudian village.

Jinxi was once a thriving production center for bricks and tiles, and high quality products were often sent as tributes to the royal courts in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1644, 1644-1912).

A dozen kilns used in ancient times remain in a well preserved state in the village, on the banks of Changbai Lake. And an Old Kiln Cultural Park has been recently established in the vicinity to promote and revive its cultural legacy.

Cultural project set to rekindle ancient kiln site in Kunshan

The ancient kilns at the Zhudian village, by the Changbai Lake. [Photo from Kunshan Tourism Resort]

Construction work on the cultural project got underway in October 2015 under the instruction of Cui Kai, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Part of the cultural project includes a brick-making museum, brick-making demonstration site and various service facilities, including food and beverage areas and conference rooms.

As part of a renovation of a derelict brick factory, old materials at the factory are being kept in the new building, while the existing structure are being renovated into a museum to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the exhibits and learn brick making skills.

Cultural project set to rekindle ancient kiln site in Kunshan

The exhibition area on the second floor of the renovated building now features light and transparent materials to create an attractive space. [Photo from Kunshan Tourism Resort]

It's cool in summer and warm in winter inside the old kiln body. To utilize this advantage, a tunnel ventilation system was implemented into the design of the new building.

The renovation is expected to be completed by August, by which time, the 1,650-square-meter building will have food and beverage stores, small spaces for lectures on the first floor and exhibition areas, large meeting areas and a terrace overlooking the lake on the second floor.

A marina will also be build close to the cultural park. A hotel area scheduled for completion in November is being built next to the museum. Ten detached houses will be renovated from local residential buildings, offering 20 guest rooms.

Cultural project set to rekindle ancient kiln site in Kunshan

An artist's impression of the lodging area at the Old Kiln Cultural Park in Zhudian village, Jinxi town. [Photo from Kunshan Tourism Resort]



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