Zhoushi Taihe Duck


For hundreds of years, Zhoushi Taihe Duck has been one of the most famous local foods of Kunshan.

Fu'an Sesame Seed Pancake


Nowadays, the thin, crispy and appetizing Fu'an sesame seed pancakes which are made by hand are served to visitors.

Sole-shaped Flaky Pastry


Sole-shaped flaky pastry has a flat, oval shape - or, in the locals' words, the shape of a shoe sole.

Wansan cakes


Zhouzhuang's Wansan Cake is popular because of the high standards of its ingredients and its delicious, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Wansan Pork Shank


Wansan Pork Shank dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Early Spring Ruby watermelon


The "South Harbor", early spring ruby watermelon are a key crop of Zhangpu town.

Baimi honey peach


The Baimi honey peach was created from the Wuxi Yangshan peach, by Yang Xiaoying in the town of Zhangpu.

Baoguo grapes


The town of Zhangpu started growing Baoguo grapes in 2000, the total planting area is about 1506 mu (2.258 hectares), and the grape yield per acre is about 1500 - 1750 kg.


Four special holiday dishes to try in Kunshan

Like Christmas Day in the West, it is traditional in China to cook up an enormous feast on Chinese New Year, with dinner tables groaning under the weight of dozens of dishes.

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