Zhoushi Taihe Duck


Updated: 2016-01-08

For hundreds of years, Zhoushi Taihe Duck has been one of the most famous local foods of Kunshan. Its aroma is recognizable miles away and it has been featured in newspapers and magazines.

The ducks are cooked for hours in broth and the dish has a very distinctive taste.

The Zhoushi Taihe Duck Co was set up in Zhoushi's private-run industrial zone in 1998.

It uses a traditional production process while integrating modern autoclaving sterilization and vacuum packing, which retains the duck’s taste and prolongs its shelf life.

The company has also has other products to cater to different tastes, such as Taihe Chicken, Taihe Beef and Taihe Fish. Its products are delivered to Kunshan's restaurants and hotels every day.


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