Wansan Wine


Wansan Wine is named after a tycoon called Shen Wanshan, and is made of the sticky rice grown in the local climate and earth.

Kunshan Kawata


The company specializes in the design and manufacture golf gloves for men, women and children.

Zhouzhuang Zoushi Food


Zhouzhuang's Wansan Cake, a local specialty, is popular because of the high standards of its ingredients and its delicious, melt-in-the-mouth characteristic.

Xingqijiu Ecological Farm


The Xingqijiu Ecological Farm is located on Yingbin Road of Kunshan's Bacheng town, near to Yangcheng Lake.

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Four special holiday dishes to try in Kunshan

Like Christmas Day in the West, it is traditional in China to cook up an enormous feast on Chinese New Year, with dinner tables groaning under the weight of dozens of dishes.

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