Baoguo grapes


Updated: 2013-07-26

Baoguo grapes
The town of Zhangpu started growing Baoguo grapes in 2000, the total planting area is about 1506 mu (2.258 hectares), and the grape yield per acre is about 1500 - 1750 kg. The town now boasts several varieties of grapes, which all bear the Baoguo trademark, which was named one of the well-known trademarks of Suzhou City, and was certified as a Suzhou City Famous Brand Name. Two of the grape varieties received the national green food certification (LB-18-0611103125 Manicure Finger, LB-18-0611103126A Red Globe) in 2006, with one of them winning top awards for the quality of green fruit at an exhibition in Suzhou for two years in a row.


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