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More support appealed for Hakka Earth Buildings
More government support should be put into the development of Fujian Tulou (Hakka Earth Building) tourism.

Travelling Coupon to help boost industry
The Cross-Straits Travelling Coupon Book targeting individual travelers was issued in Fuzhou on Tuesday.

New 5A tourist resort expected in Fujian
Baishuiyang and Yuanyangxi in the Ningde World Geopark will be listed as 5A tourist resorts.

Fuzhou, a destination for spas
To build a city of spa, one destination for travel and the resort for relaxation, is one of the city plans for Fuzhou in the future.

Ferry services between Kinmen and Xiamen
Direct shipping services are established on a daily basis between Taiwan's Kinmen and Xiamen in Fujian province.

Direct shipping services between Matsu and Mawei
Direct shipping services will be established on a daily basis between Taiwan's Matsu and Mawei in China's Fujian province.

Hot springs in Fuzhou
Fuzhou is blessed with a mild sub-tropical marine climate, and one fantastic resource: hot springs.

Fuzhou Golf Trip
Fuzhou is a good place for the golf lovers since the golfers can play golf here at all year around.

Gushan Mountain
It towers in the eastern suburbs, eight kilometers from Fuzhou proper.

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