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2012 Pingtan Beach Culture Festival
2012 Cross-Straits Beach Culture Festival was held in Pingtan, Fujian province, on June 17.

Fuzhou’s outbound tourism increases
Outbound tourism is more popular than domestic tourism this summer in Fuzhou, especially among young people.

Marwei Binjiang Culture Square to be completed in Sept
Binjiang Culture Square in Marwei District will be completed and open to the public in Sept 2012.

Online booking of long-distance bus tickets with UnionPay cards and phone numbers
Fujian Motor Transport Co Ltd has recently upgraded its online booking.The new website enables online payments even if a passenger has no online banking account. Passengers can pay with their UnionPay cards and phone numbers.

Temple on the river: a fading holy land
FUZHOU, May 5 (Xinhua) -- Jinshan Temple looks as if it is beset in a bucolic Chinese ink painting. A cloud dims nearby mountains to light gray shadows, where the Min River disappears.

Our visit to Wonderland
It was a hot, muggy Saturday morning. Aidan and I decided to head out on our hike after lunch, we had been curious about the mysterious looking temple on the crest of the hill ever since we had arrived in Fuzhou.

Lin Zexu Memorial Hall is a must-visit spot in Fuzhou
The Fuzhou Lin Zexu Memorial Hall is a memorial hall of Chinese historical figures.

Wulong River Bridge to open in 2012
Wulong River Bridge is being reconstructed.

Yongtai Nanhu Park square will open this year
The square of Yongtai Nanhu Park has been under construction.

Fujian scenic spots in Fujian receive swarming tourists
20,000 passenger buses and 2,900 coaches were involved in the transportation of visitors to Fujian province.

Fuzhou tourism boosted during the golden week
During the National Day holiday, Fuzhou hosted a total of 120.97 million tourists.

Film & TV Cultural and Creative Industrial Park opens
The Cross-Straits Film & TV Cultural and Creative Industrial Park openes in Fuzhou on Oct 6, 2011.

Sanfangqixiang greets the National Day
21 projects will be completed before National Day.

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