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Having received demanding training as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and Tui-Na therapist focusing in spine healthcare since he was young, Diao now enjoys professional respect both at home and abroad.

Futie Patch


Sanfu - the hottest days of the year - is the only time to get a futie patch, which consists of medicinal herbs that are applied to specific acupuncture points to treat colds.



The treatment includes creating a vacuum by burning a wick inside a jar and quickly placing the jar on the selected area.

Gua Sha


Gua sha, meaning to "scrape away illness", involves using tools such as bian stone, jade, or ox horn with lubricant liniment to scrape and rub parts of the patient's skin repeatedly in one direction.



Acupuncture is an important part of Chinese medicine. It was initially invented as a medical treatment technique and gradually became a science. The science of acupuncture aims to record its technique, clinic regulation, and basic theory.

TCM - Acupunture


The Chinese traditional medical treatment of acupuncture or piercing the body with a needle is a treatment which focuses on the inside from the outside.The magic thing is that you don't feel pain during the process.

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