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Soap beans, silver ears and peach gum


Many Chinese tonic recipes come from ancient medical texts that are thousands of years old.

Hail the healing herb


Food as a health booster is a unique part of Chinese culture. Cantonese people often put herbs in their soups to benefit their body. Many people for instance, use pears to help with seasonal cough and dryness in autumn.

Healthy food for smoggy weather


The burden on the respiratory tract and lungs is much heavier in smoggy weather, so here are a few food recommendations that can help you maintain your health.

Cooking up some hot stuff in clay pots


For many Chinese people, sizzling, aromatic food presented in an earthenware pot, bao zai cai epitomizes the taste and scent of winter cuisine.

Five nuts to improve your physical quality in winter


Five nuts to improve your physical quality in winter. They are Almonds,peanuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts.

Eat healthy, eat yellow


Yellow, the color of sunlight and energy, can also bring you better health.

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