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  • Taking Confucius to Kabul

    2009-12-02 10:07

    While Aman and 12 others from Afghanistan learn Chinese in Taiyuan,more students back in Kabul also have a chance to learn about Chinese culture.

  • From discord to harmony

    2009-12-01 09:10

    Rocker Askar Mamat is caught between worlds on several levels.

  • Seal-cutter's art

    2009-12-01 13:27

    Fei Mingyao, a well-known Chinese seal-cutting artist from Shanghai, has published a collection of signature works.

  • Japan's lady with the lamp

    2009-12-01 11:59

    Kyoko Nakamura has two sets of clothes neatly arranged in her closet. One is a Japanese kimono, the only present from her mother; the other is an Eighth Route Army uniform that she wore more than 60 years ago.

  • Climbing out of the ant hill

    2009-11-30 09:12

    The small village Tangjialing, located 20 km from the downtown area in Haidian district, is home to about 20,000 low-income college graduates - a demographic one sociologist likens to ants.

  • Dadawa's going places

    2009-11-26 10:34

    When Dadawa first went to Tibet autonomous region in 1994 she was unimpressed by the potholed roads and lack of electricity, but the magical land nevertheless fascinated the Guanghzou girl.

  • Floating like a butterfly

    2009-11-26 10:28

    Like many other young girls who love singing and dancing, Zhou Peng was excited to appear on television when she won a national singing competition in 1999 at 16. Then she released an album that sold well and became known as "China's first dance music singer".

  • Back to basics

    2009-11-25 10:28

    She aims to make it a low-carbon village by constructing environmentally friendly houses and developing a sustainable local economy to enable the villagers to live in harmony with each other and the environment.

  • Inspired granddaughter gives charity a hand

    2009-11-25 10:28

    This year holds special significance for a special person - Yang Yang, granddaughter of late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.

  • The stuff of dreams

    2009-11-23 11:36

    If someone had told him two months ago that science could be as fun as animation, Pu Kaiji - an art and design student of Nanjing's Southeast University - would have laughed.

  • Power to the people

    2009-07-06 09:05

    Beijing residents have been baking under a hot sun for weeks now, but there are no signs that any respite is on the horizon.

  • Molding dreams

    2009-10-22 11:14

    In 1995, Jingdezhen's kilns started shifting from coal to gas. In two years, the city dismantled and reconstructed more than 190 coal kilns and demolished most of the chimneys.

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