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  • Int'l Youth Dance Festival concludes in Macao

    2012-07-27 13:33

    Thai dancers perform at the closing ceremony of the International Youth Dance Festival 2012 in south China's Macao.

  • Int'l Youth Dance Festival held in Macao

    2012-07-24 13:40

    Young dancers from Hong Kong perform on the Senado Square in Macao, south China, July 21, 2012.

  • Pansy Ho reveals her vision for Macao's transformation

    2012-07-17 09:23

    At the Global Tourism Economy Forum, the city's transition from China's only gambling enclave to the nation's leisure and tourism hub will be discussed.

  • City guide-Macao

    2012-05-21 14:08

    Celebrate Maritime Administration Day in Macao with a view from the top.

  • Buddha's parietal-bone relic enshrined in Macao for public worship

    2012-05-03 14:55

    A rare piece of parietal-bone relic of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, has been enshrined for public worship in the Macao East Asian Games Dome on Monday afternoon.

  • City guide: Macao

    2012-04-16 13:02

    Drawing in front of an audience is one of the most difficult challenges an artist can take on, as both the process and the product are on display simultaneously.

  • Museums of Macao

    2012-03-27 14:40

    Macao is a perfect crossroad for the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures. It is also best known as Asia's largest destination for gambling.

  • Celebrate festive season at StarWorld Macau

    2011-12-02 15:31

    StarWorld Hotel and Casino ("StarWorld Macau") is celebrating the festive season in exuberant style with fabulous Christmas & New Year dining and Macao's hottest parties.

  • City guide: Macao and Hong Kong

    2011-10-17 14:29

    Hong Kong pop sensation Gloria Tang rocks Macao at her Get Everybody Moving 2011 Macao Concert, following sold out shows in Hong Kong.

  • City guide: Hong Kong and Macao

    2011-10-09 10:42

    See slinky models strut their stuff at Glam Slam 2011 at City of Dreams, a three-day fashion event that showcases the talents of top Asian designers.

  • Festive Macao ahead of Mid-Autumn Day

    2011-09-10 15:13

    Macao was decorated with various lanterns recently to receive the Mid-Autumn Day, a traditional Chinese festival for reunion, which will fall on Sept. 12 this year.

  • 'Oriental Las Vegas' - Macao

    2011-08-05 15:47

    Apart from its extremely rich attractions and numerous historical and cultural heritages, Macao is also known as 'Oriental Las Vegas' for its booming and flourishing gambling industry.