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  • American favorites

    2009-05-31 10:11

    Chef Zachary Lewison of the Union Bar & Grille gave a cooking class recently inside the restaurant's kitchen.

  • Pu'er tea a wonder cure for diabetics

    2009-05-27 09:14

    A sip of Pu'er tea can be as helpful as drugs in lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes, says a recent press briefing by the Pu'er city government.

  • Mediterranean marvels

    2009-05-26 17:17

    The Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) has been showing off Greece's finest exports during a business delegation to Beijing.

  • Restaurants

    2009-05-26 17:17

    Quanjude Restaurant is offering zongzi with duck stuffing at its different branches to mark the Dragon Boat Festival on May 28.

  • Scent of a festival

    2009-05-26 15:36

    The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner and while the making of zongzi has been around for years

  • More to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta

    2009-05-22 14:05

    Italy has 600 to 800 kinds of pasta, a good example of its varied cuisine.Mr Reporter said "the portions were too small", and that "a plate of spaghetti and a Coke may make a dinner for an Italian, but not for a Chinese".

  • The promised land of teas

    2009-05-22 14:01

    For a great taste of tea dishes, you can try the following restaurants

  • Turning over a new leaf

    2009-05-22 13:44

    Tea has become more than just a beverage - some Chinese chefs are taking it to the soup pot, frying pan and mixing bowl to create many exciting and healthy dishes.

  • Thriving in a man's world

    2009-05-19 10:59

    Many people think mom made the best food they've ever had, yet most of the best chefs are men.

  • A moveable feast fit for a king, or queen

    2009-05-15 10:05

    Shanghai is ready to treat its guests to local snacks such as hairy crab and soup dumplings (xiaolongbao) for the upcoming expo.

  • Lunch at desk

    2009-05-12 16:33

    Here’s a picture of a cute little salad I made at work today. I whipped it up while sitting it at my desk using only my hands, a butter knife, and a little plate.

  • Scent of sweet papaya

    2009-05-11 09:45

    Tang Palace (唐宫) is doing a Mother's Day promotion of its papaya and bird's nest soup at six branches in Beijing.

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