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  • Watch ducks, eat fish

    2009-09-29 11:54

    Although a sign hanging on the door still says "Members Only", the Purple Jade Country Club's F&B Center is now open to everybody.  

  • Quanjude: 18th century eatery becomes today's food star

    2009-09-29 11:50

    The name "Quanjude" is now synonymous with roast duck for many of China's more knowledgeable gourmets.

  • Easy marinara sauce

    2009-09-29 11:19

    Hey there! I hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

  • Study shows champagne bubbles fizz with flavor

    2009-09-29 10:03

    The luxurious bubbles that pop up and tickle the nose of a champagne drinker release explosions of flavor and not just fizz, scientists said on Monday.

  • Beijing hotel:Shanghai fare with crabs

    2009-09-29 09:55

    The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing organizes a Shanghai food festival from Oct 15 to Nov 15 at the 21st Floor Chinese Restaurant.

  • Shanghai hotel:Eight treasures

    2009-09-27 15:08

    Hyatt on the Bund presents a mooncake cake gift box of eight sweets, including authentic flavors like green tea, pine nuts with corn, and taro and lotus fillings with egg yolk.

  • Of romance and revolution

    2009-09-25 10:32

    There are many legends linked to Mid-Autumn Festival, but the most commonly quoted are about secret messages that galvanized a change of government, and a romantic, if convoluted, story of the archer Hou Yi and his wife Chang'e.

  • NYC festival aims to show French food has bite

    2009-09-25 10:20

    Alexandre Cammas hopes that the 2,000 New Yorkers who will attend his two-day culinary festival will find that French food is fun and edgy.

  • UK organic food needs to be cheaper: trade board

    2009-09-24 10:03

    Organic food in Britain is often too expensive in comparison with non-organic products and the price gap must narrow if the struggling sector is to return to strong growth, the Organic Trade Board said.

  • ChengFu Courtyard

    2009-09-28 13:55

    The unparalleled culinary craftsmanship, unique cultural heritage and perfected service at ChengFu make it the premier Chinese dining experience in Beijing.

  • Shanghai hotel:Enchanting afternoon

    2009-09-27 17:04

    Chinese afternoon tea at the Langham Yangtze Boutique Shanghai offers a chance to relax over the finest coffees and teas while indulging in a guilty section of pastries for 180 yuan.

  • Beijing restaurants:New fish hotpot

    2009-09-27 10:58

    Sino Hot Taste (新辣道鱼火锅) recently opened its ninth restaurant on the fifth floor of Xizhimen Capital Retail Department Store.

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