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  • Good mix of local produce and imported seasonings

    2010-04-03 09:22

    I was on my way back from Bacco Ristorante and Bar, and I had just told my driver my destination, when he turned around and asked: "Did you eat garlic?"

  • In toon with spring

    2010-04-03 09:22

    Warmer weather is nearly here, and tiny green leaves are sprouting with joyful abandon. But there is one tree that everyone watches with great interest, says Pauline D Loh

  • Recipe | KITCHEN AID

    2010-04-02 10:58

    Make sure to place the bacon in a cold pan before cooking or be prepared to wear the fat. You can use oyster or shiitake mushrooms or whatever large mushrooms you like.

  • Mellow Tea Cafe pours on charm with customers

    2010-04-02 10:56

    Milk teas and customized beverages are the stars at these chain stores.

  • Liquid assets outperform Russell 3000 Index

    2010-03-31 08:40

    Investing in wine, not just top Bordeaux but even cheap varieties, can be good for your total portfolio and is especially useful during a financial crisis.

  • World Chefs: Rebsamen uses best of Dijon in classic dishes

    2010-03-31 08:40

    Chef Guy Rebsamen worked in Europe, the United States and China before being lured back to his native France but his experiences abroad are reflected in his interpretations of regional French cuisine.

  • A great place to pig out

    2010-03-27 09:21

    The skin of a good suckling pig can be crispier and tastier than the best Peking roast duck.

  • Bang! Fine dining goes underground

    2010-03-27 09:19

    While Guanghua 5 Bang Street is located in the Prosper Center's basement, it's far from being just another underground food street.

  • A local taste with global appeal

    2010-03-27 09:16

    The restaurants found in zhujingban, or the liaison offices set up by local governments in Beijing, are some of the best places to sample local cuisines.

  • Buried treasures

    2010-03-27 09:14

    Duck is not often cooked, but when it is, it tends to be part of a festive meal. Pauline D Loh looks at a special duck recipe that is a gem of Chinese cuisine

  • Quackers about duck

    2010-03-27 09:06

    Chef and GM of the Da Dong duck restaurant chain, Dong Zhenxiang hopes to leave a culinary legacy. And it looks like he's succeeding. Ye Jun reports

  • Dumplings take star billing

    2010-03-26 09:30

    An Olympic torch has pride of place in the middle of the room, photos line the walls and hundreds of notes cover the middle pillar of the Meihua Jiaren (Plum flower Family) Dumpling Restaurant.

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