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  • Soup of the day

    2010-07-30 10:48

    Gazpacho is a regional soup with international appeal, Shi Yingying reports.

  • Ice cream de la creme

    2010-07-30 10:43

    Everyone's favorite dessert comes in a variety of styles and tastes, Yu Ran reports.

  • Frozen snacks beat the city's 'sauna day'

    2010-07-30 10:39

    Five icy treats to help Beijingers get through the scorching summer, Eileen Wen Mooney reports.

  • Lotus in Moonlight

    2010-07-28 14:24

    If there was such a thing as hip nouveau Buddhist cuisine then Lotus in Moonlight would be it!

  • Giovanni's (Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel)

    2010-07-28 14:24

    During this wet and humid season, there may be few compelling reasons to venture out from the comfort of ones air-conditioned residence.

  • World Chef: Symon shares tips to cook like a pro

    2010-07-28 09:13

    Chef Michael Symon says home cooks can make the same sophisticated dishes he creates on the reality television competition "Iron Chef America."

  • Funky fungi

    2010-07-24 11:49

    Yunnan province in Southwest China produces probably the world's biggest variety of mushrooms and July is one of the best months to enjoy them. Ye Jun reports

  • On top of the culinary world

    2010-07-23 10:01

    The French restaurant at the Rhone-Alps Pavilion is in a class of its own, Li Xinzhu reports.

  • Subtle flavors of Tan cuisine an overlooked treat

    2010-07-23 09:43

    Tan Family Cuisine, a cooking style that is still largely unknown to many people, even Chinese, is not only a part of Beijing cuisine, but also one of China's best culinary heritages.

  • Vine Talk: Enjoying wine for pleasure, not price

    2010-07-21 09:20

    Roger Lowenstein, in "The End of Wall Street," his book about the financial crisis, tells a story about Vikram Pandit, the former hedge fund manager and now Citigroup's CEO.

  • Soup for you! Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" reopens in NYC

    2010-07-21 09:18

    A New York City soup vendor made famous after he inspired Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" character on the popular TV show reopened his original Manhattan stall on Tuesday, but Al Yeganeh did not show up for the celebrations.

  • Magic of the bean

    2010-07-17 09:40

    Bean curd is eaten at every course on our dining table - from appetizer to entree to dessert. Pauline D Loh shares the history, stories and recipes of China's most famous food export

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