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Chaoyang Park

Updated: 2012-11-06 14:41

Chaoyang Park


People say the Sun Park is the "green lungs" of the city of Beijing. You can find many more parks in Beijing of course, but this one has the biggest grassland, the largest water area and no park holds more celebrations and shows than the Sun Park.

The park has an up-to-date landscape design: the fireworks display plaza, the fountain plaza, the merry-go-round plaza, the umbrella tower plaza, the Fangzhou Lake plaza, the grassland plaza, the boat plaza. Some plazas are built along the lake; some in the open; some overlook the grassland; some scatter here and there. The park has been the venue of many celebrations and shows: international business festival, pop music festival, chrysanthemum exhibition, children's painting competition. On gala days, here is always full of joyous people and wonderful songs.

Many public cultural events are held each year here, such as the International Culture Festival and the Chaoyang Pop Music Festival. A tour at that time will provide delight and happiness of both the scenery and the festivals. 2. When the parking space at the south gate is full on holidays, you can park at the east or west gate and start your tour there.

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