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A barren land that spurs fond memories

Updated: 2012-10-10 09:55
By Hu Yongqi ( China Daily)

Yin Jun, a 41-year-old from Shanghai's Minhang district, has visited at least 15 countries during the past decade. However, her 2009 trip to Hawaii will be forever etched in her mind.

While booking air tickets online, Yin happened upon a quiz sponsored by Hawaii Tourism China, offering winners a free trip to the US island state. Yan answered the six questions and submitted a travelogue, as required. A month later, Yin was told that she had won the trip.

"The trip was intended to commemorate the inauguration of President Obama in 2008, because he was born and raised in Hawaii," said Tina Yao, chief representative of Hawaii Tourism China.

Yao's office prepared return air tickets and five-star hotels for Yin and the other winner. Before arriving in Hawaii, Hawaii Tourism China provided Yin with information about tourist attractions and the local food. On May 24, the winners arrived in Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital.

"It was so clean. When I was eating breakfast, it felt like I was in a photograph. I especially like barren lands with very little foliage, and I found that on Hawaii," said Yin.

Yin visited Pearl Harbor and a number of volcanoes, and stargazed through the astronomical telescope on Haleakala Mountain. The eight-day trip passed quickly.

The winners were required to submit a review of the trip and 50 photos when they returned home. Yin appreciated the trip so much that she wrote more than 50,000 words, 10 times more than expected.

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