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  • Parenting by the book

    2012-06-18 10:45

    Learning how to be a parent led one new mom to the world of translation, and she tells Meredith Rodriguez that she's learning a lot about herself, too.

  • Writers migrate to the net, reviewers follow

    2012-06-12 10:05

    Earning 1 million yuan ($157,000) a year is a faraway dream for most Chinese book critics, but a new platform may make it possible.

  • Prose chronicles political changes

    2012-06-12 09:58

    Some areas appear to be in constant unrest and wars. In her book, Susanna Cheung Chui-yung tries to find out the reasons behind the conflicts in some areas.

  • From the frontlines

    2012-06-12 09:50

    A Hong Kong war correspondent's newest book focuses on ordinary people in conflict zones.

  • The Italian connection

    2012-06-11 10:38

    Gaia Gaja thinks Italian wines are perfect for the Chinese palate.

  • Green Lantern comes out of the closet

    2012-06-05 10:15

    He might be Green Lantern, but one of America's most enduring comic book characters is turning rainbow colored as the latest superhero to come out as gay.

  • Rare Tintin cover fetches $1.6 million

    2012-06-05 10:11

    A rare 1932 cover illustration of Tintin in America by Herge, the artist who dreamed up the boy reporter, fetched a record 1.3 million euros at an auction in Paris.

  • Lin Jinlan short story award is launched

    2012-06-05 10:08

    People's Literature magazine and Wenzhou municipal government launched the Lin Jinlan Short Story Prize.

  • All-media conference introduced to China

    2012-06-05 10:06

    The Frankfurt Book Fair has introduced its all-media platform StoryDrive, for the first time to China.

  • Pictorial book of Indian poet fosters bilateral ties

    2012-06-05 10:03

    Rabindranath Tagore in Shanghai, a Chinese-English compendium of rare images of the Indian poet's visits to China in the 1920s, is, in fact, a lot more than what the title suggests.

  • Eastern mystic

    2012-06-05 09:51

    Writer Bill Porter may be American but he is best known as an authority on Chinese religious culture. Yang Guang finds out what intrigues Porter so much that he keeps coming back.

  • How a simple story grows with multimedia

    2012-06-01 14:52

    Frankfurt StoryDrive China gathered experts to discuss how an interesting story can snowball to become a huge economic profit in the age of trans-media.

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