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Illegal GM food raises concerns

[2014-04-02 07:41]

Hainan province's delayed announcement that it discovered the illegal planting of genetically modified corn and cotton has triggered public concerns about how information relating to GM food in China is disclosed.

Agriculture minister reaffirms safety of GM foods

[2014-03-07 07:20]

In a rare display of confidence in the country's management of genetically modified food, China's top agriculture official said he eats GM food.

China rejects US GM corn shipments

[2014-03-03 09:47]

China has returned 887,000 tonnes of U.S. corn shipments tainted with a genetically-modified (GM) strain not approved by the country's agriculture ministry since last October.

No modification of China's GM food regime

[2014-01-23 15:02]

As consumer concern rises in China, an agriculture official insisted on Wednesday that strict standards still apply to genetically modified (GM) foods.

Nation vows to keep up with transgenics

[2014-01-23 01:24]

China will strive to keep up with the world's transgenic technology development while keeping consumers well informed about such food.

Chinese province orders separate GM food sales

[2013-12-31 14:32]

The food and drug authority in northwest China's Gansu province on Thursday told markets to set up special zones for genetically modified (GM) food.

China rejects US GM corn shipment

[2013-12-20 13:40]

China has rejected 12 batches of US corn shipments tainted with a genetically-modified (GM) strain not approved by the country's agriculture ministry.

GM corn application under review

[2013-12-09 11:37]

China is reviewing a new application to sell genetically modified (GM) corn to the country after previous ones were rejected for the reason of insufficient application material.

Imported GM soybeans flood Chinese market

[2013-10-29 11:33]

Soybeans. It is not just vegetarians who eat them. The humble legumes are used to make tofu, cooking oil and animal feed.

GM rice passes safety tests in China

[2013-10-28 10:20]

Researchers at China’s Agricultural University have concluded that testing on transgenic rice has so far brought no abnormalities.

A competitive relationship

[2013-10-23 07:10]

Xu Lai, chief editor of Guokr, or Nutshell, a popular social networking website for scientists.

Civilization and crop development

[2013-10-23 07:10]

Jiang Tao is senior engineer at the Center for Agricultural Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Science.

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