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GM rice taste test quells doubts

[2013-10-22 10:10]

About 260 Chinese volunteers participated in a taste test of genetically modified (GM) rice, hoping to reassure the public about the food.

Experts push for more data about GM foods

[2013-10-21 23:50]

Agricultural experts and the public are calling on authorities to accelerate progress on information disclosure about genetically modified food.

Scientists requested central government to plant GM crops

[2013-10-21 07:10]

Experts in genetically modified product research have revealed that they petitioned the central government in July to increase the production of genetically modified crops.

Tufts University apologizes for GM food test on kids

[2013-09-22 09:38]

A U.S. university has issued an apology for conducting research on Chinese school-children by feeding them golden rice.

List of approved GM food clarified

[2013-09-17 08:17]

Chinese agricultural experts have clarified a list of genetically modified food that has been officially approved, a move in response to wide debates over the safety of such products in daily life.

Experts appeal for labelling GM food

[2013-09-13 09:21]

A war of words by two online celebrities has aroused a new round of debate on the safety of genetically modified (GM) food.

Frank Facts on Frankenfoods

[2013-07-05 10:04]

A reported correlation between genetically modified soybeans and cancer is the focus of the latest debate over food safety in China.

Approach GM food carefully

[2013-07-02 08:48]

Given the general global opposition to transgenic food technology on health and environmental grounds, China should adopt a careful approach to commercial production of GM crops.

GM food influx a dilemma for consumers, farmers

[2013-06-20 11:00]

As GM food flows into China, the country has to face up to questions such as safety and farmers being priced out of the market.

China approves GM soybeans import

[2013-06-18 15:20]

China’s agricultural ministry has announced that it recently approved the import of three types of genetically modified soy beans.

China gives approval to GM soybeans

[2013-06-14 08:12]

China's agricultural authorities issued biosafety certificates to three new overseas varieties of genetically modified soybeans on Thursday.

CDC to probe whether GM study used schoolchildren

[2012-09-12 07:50]

China's top health authority has ordered an investigation into an allegation that genetically modified golden rice was tested on Chinese schoolchildren in Hunan province in 2008 as part of a Sino-US research project.

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