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Britney Spears competent to testify in court?

Updated: 2012-09-03 10:53
( Agencies)
Britney Spears competent to testify in court?

Britney Spears' alleged former manager wants her to testify in court.

The popstar's family were hit with a lawsuit by Sam Lutfi in 2009, who claimed they defamed him and didn't pay him for his services and while Britney's representatives have said she is not mentally competent to testify, Sam believes her "articulate" appearances on 'X Factor' prove she is.

According to gossip website TMZ, in new papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday (30.08.12), Sam - who Britney has denied ever managed her - revealed he wants to question her about alleged statements made by her parents claiming he drugged her and cut her phone wires.

He has included a DVD of promos featuring Britney on 'The X Factor' in order to prove she is mentally competent and can appear at the trial.

A hearing is scheduled for September 25.

Recently, Britney - whose legal and personal affairs have been in the hands of her father Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet since her breakdown in 2008 - had a meeting with the judge in charge of her conservatorship and asked for it to end.

A source said: "Britney told Judge Reva Goetz in her chambers with her court appointed attorney, Sam Ingham present, that she is ready for the conservatorship to end.

"Britney said she doesn't understand why it's still in place and expressed her belief that she has got to be the only person under a conservatorship that has managed to land a $15 million work contract [on 'The X Factor']."