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Rihanna wants message from dead grandmother

Updated: 2012-07-26 10:15
( Agencies)
Rihanna wants message from dead grandmother

Rihanna has been pleading for her dead grandmother to contact her from beyond the grave.


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The 'Rude Boy' singer has been rocked by the loss of her beloved grandparent Clara 'Dolly' Braithwaite on June 30, and is hoping she will send her some sort of message from the afterlife to let her know she is still watching over her.

Referring to her by her nickname, she tweeted: "I wish u were here ... Got so many questions and you always had answers #grangranDOLLY

"Send a message in the wind or something please #grangranDOLLY (sic)"

Rihanna is reported to be spending time with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in the South of France and her desire to speak to 'Dolly' could come from her need for advice on whether she should get involved again with the man who brutally assaulted in February 2009.

Rihanna cancelled her appearance at the Rock In Rio festival in Madrid, Spain, and flew back to her native Barbados to be with her mother Monica after the death of her grandmother.

She then attended both funeral services held for Clara, one in New York and another in Barbados.

Rihanna frequently talks to her passed grandparent directly in her tweets, paying tribute after her passing by writing: "Goodbye grangranDolly get your beauty rest until I see you. grangranDolly that is all. (sic)"

Before her Barbados funeral, she wrote: "grangranDolly time for your party in Barbados. (sic)"

Rihanna has become increasingly spiritual in her tweets since 'Dolly' died, writing yesterday: "I put it all in Your hands!!! I love my Creator!!!! #1Love #1Life (sic)."

She has also retweeted a post by Spiritual Truths, hinting at her love life: "Love is calling you, the happiness you seek is written within the heart, take notice of your feelings & find your way home."