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Jennifer Lopez's Idol tips for Mariah Carey

Updated: 2012-07-24 15:10
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Jennifer Lopez's Idol tips for Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez has passed on some tips to Mariah Carey for 'American Idol'.


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Mariah was confirmed as a new member of the judging panel today (23.07.12), one of the replacements for Jennifer and Steven Tyler and the departing panellist believes he will do great as long as she remembers it is all about the contestants.

She told E! News: "There is pressure as far as the live shows, but you know what? Just remember you're there at the end of the day to help those contestants grow and to get to the end and to get to that finale. And whenever I thought about that it always made my job a little less pressure-filled and a little easier, because it's not about you. It wasn't about me, it was about them. It was about helping them and that always made it a lot of fun for me. I'm going to miss it a lot."

Jennifer is confident Mariah will be a success because she has so much experience in the industry.

She said: "She's a musician for a long time she has a lot of experience. And it's that experience you offer them at the end of the day, the contestants just want to get better and grow through the process."