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Justin Bieber to become an action star?

Updated: 2012-06-12 15:39
( Agencies)
Justin Bieber to become an action star?

Justin Bieber wants to become an action movie star.

The 'Boyfriend' singer wants to branch out of singing and into the world of cinema, and is hoping to get a break in the next twelve months.

He told the UK's Capital FM Radio show: "By this time next year I'd like to win a Grammy, maybe that will happen and I'd like to do some movies, stuff like that.

"I actually want to do some comedy movies, as well as some action, some stuff that is going to be challenging."

When asked whether he had the right martial arts moves to cut it as an action star, the Canadian singer joked: "I actually have a black belt... It's a black Louis Vuitton belt."

Justin - who is dating singer and actress Selena Gomez - also told how he had recently lost his expensive Rolex watch, which was given to him as a present from someone, although he wouldn't say whom.

He explained: "I actually lost my Rolex in Las Vegas, I just lost it, I couldn't find it, it was a present, which is why it was such a bad thing, it has sentimental value, so I'm going to get another one, and I'll be like, 'This is the one you got me, and I'm going to treat it like the one you got me.'

"The person knows, but I'm going to replace it and we'll never speak about it again."

Justin's third album, 'Believe' is released on June 19.