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Dita Von Teese slams smoking

Updated: 2012-05-14 10:48
( Agencies)
Dita Von Teese slams smoking

Dita Von Teese. [Photo/Agencies]

Dita Von Teese wouldn't be "caught dead" smoking a cigarette.

The burlesque dancer often uses fake smoking devices when she is doing her stage show, but would never use a real one because it can "kill" a person.

She said: "I smoke in two of my shows but I use herbal cigarettes. I would never be caught dead smoking a real cigarette in real life.

"I love the look of smoke coming under the stage lights, it's really cinematic and beautiful and reminds us of a time when people didn't know what smoking could kill you. I like to assume that my fans are intelligent enough to understand that and know not to do it in real life."

Dita will this year be celebrating her 40th birthday, and she reveals she has already begun to think about what to do but is nervous about it.

She said: "I've started thinking about it. I don't usually like birthdays because I think it's a little bit embarrassing to celebrate oneself. I always feel a bit funny, 'Hey, let's have a party about me!' I do so many events where it feels like my birthday all the time!"