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South China
  Farmer's tale of riches turns to saga of woe
  Have your design call my design and we'll do lunch
  Cities to enjoy new rail links next year
  It's not the dog's fault when it has been hurt
  Giant bag screen serves 4,000 viewers
  Man preserves sayings by carving in stone
  'Friendly' exams introduced to students
  Putrefying pigs hog public bus seats
  Make no misnake about it, You loves his snakes
  Post office recycles ALL university letters
  Live turtle key ring guarantees safety
  Unique sex education causes controversy
  Man loses girlfriend to twin brother
  Man seeking family heir convicted of bigamy
  One suicide attempt kills two people
  Criminals seized at wedding ceremony
  Snake on shelves scares shoppers
  Man fascinated by online picture mocked
  Amateur chorus troupes active on stage
  Watermelon gala held in Guangzhou
  Smokers compete for honour of quitting
  Computer games may help student thinking
  Middle school students share teaching sources
  Tourism passport caters to tourism development
  Computer games may help student thinking
  Huge savings forged to please girlfriend
  Blind septuagenarian to write book on computer
  Flight staff tie knot in the air
  Explosive phone call hits man in bank
  Different people, same misfortune
  Company feels 'betrayed' by ads
  Bush breaks drunkard's drop from 8th floor
  Kin profit from 34 perished pensioners
  Boy climbs up bridge to protest against scolding
  Birthday banquet sends 21 guests to hospital
  Farmer moving piglet bitten by sow
  Food-testing vehicles arrive on call
  Blood pressure tested 5 times before woman could board
  Police hunt for hit-and-run drivers
  Flat-owner sues developer for rheumatism
  Distracted motorcyclist hits pedestrian
  Years of belching make old man try suicide
  Girl seeks media help to stop parents' mahjong
  Mothers choose to give birth a day earlier
  Network linkage to check on bigamy
  Hospital to sell photos of unborn babies
  Professors buy cars to commute to university
  Scales tipped in favour of consumers
  Ticketless boy offers to pay fare with hongbao
  Thousands of birds nestle on banyan tree
  US$500-million project to improve water quality
  More people defaulting on housing mortgages
  Old man dreams of electricity for his village
  Mental home uses Taoist rituals for treatment
  Hospital routinely checks for HIV before surgery
  Overjoyed gambler dies after getting good tile
  No more licence numbers ending with 4
  Tourist spends day looking for cheap hotel
  Wife bites off gambler's nose after loss
  Robber finds 'shelter' in police station in Shenzhen
  Six oxen killed in collision with passing trains
  Uprooted 300-year-old banyan tree replanted
  More take rabies vaccines during holidays
  Japanese weapons destroyed in Harbin
  Military theme park to open in May
  Blind woman gains college admission
  Man under bed frightens wife out of her wits
  'Boyfriend" wanted to comfort dying father
  Rag-and-bones woman asks 10 yuan for bomb
  Woman sells Snoopy collection to save mother
  Court upholds razing of ancestral tombs
  Tae kwon do replaces morning exercises
  Man sued for letting out neighbour's secret

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