Mummy buddha statue in focus

Buddha statue still not returned to China

[2015-11-27 07:43]

Villagers of Yangchun fail to get back the mummy Buddha statue stolen from China in 1995 despite months of contact with the Dutch collector.

Field investigation complete on village's case to reclaim 1,000-year old statue

[2015-11-16 17:31]

Lawyers have finished evidence collection to reclaim a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue containing a mummified monk from a Dutch owner.

Buddha statue dispute to be taken to Netherlands court

[2015-11-17 09:04]

A lawyer representing the Chinese village in its quest to retrieve the mummified Buddha says an appeal would be submitted to a Dutch court later this month.

Return of mummified statue urged before 'birthday'

[2015-10-20 08:26]

As the birthday of Patriarch Zhanggong (the Buddhist monk whose mummified statue was stolen from China) approaches, Li Zhen, an overseas liaison officer, hoped for the statue's earliest return to China.

Village awaits return of Buddha statue with monk inside

[2015-09-14 09:21]

The returning of the statue of Patriach Zhanggong is taking a turn for the worse as the Dutch collector of the statue ate his words.

Dutch collector: Mummified Buddha will return to China

[2015-05-08 17:46]

Through a social network, Oscar van Overeem, who owns the mummified Buddha statue, said recently he is willing to return the relic to China.

Mysteries of the mummified Buddha Zhanggong

[2015-04-24 07:00]

Twenty years ago, a seated Buddhist saint – Patriarch Zhanggong– was reported missing from Yangchun village in Southeast China's Fujian province. This March, the gold-lacquered statue was discovered in the possession of a Dutch art collector in the Netherlands.

Chinese authorities contact Dutch collector of stolen Buddha

[2015-04-17 14:39]

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage has gotten in touch with the Dutch collector who now owns the mummified Buddha.

Why return of mummified Buddha matters

[2015-04-16 14:46]

The significance of retrieving the mummified Buddha Zhanggong goes far beyond the implication of retrieving a lost relic, as it is more than just a piece of cultural artifact for the Chinese nation and is part of its national heritage.

Peaceful protest staged in Hungary for return of mummified Buddha

[2015-04-13 17:13]

Chinese representatives in Hungary urged the Dutch government to "take proper actions" to bring about the return of the allegedly stolen mummified Buddha.

Villagers write to Dutch collector to return stolen Buddha

[2015-04-10 19:09]

Chinese villagers wrote a second letter to a Dutch museum and collector demanding the return of an allegedly stolen mummified Buddha statue.

Letter to the Drents Museum and the Buddha statue collector

[2015-04-10 19:09]

Letter to the Drents Museum and the Buddha statue collector

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