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The slim years

[2011-07-15 13:39]

Chinese authors are still struggling to carve a niche in the global gallery of contemporary literary greats.

From 'cartloads of books' to e-publishing

[2011-07-15 13:27]

Published in English by the Foreign Languages Press, From Oracle Bones to E-Publications: Three Millennia of Publishing in China has aroused keen interest.

Ranking the books

[2011-07-12 09:22]

The best selling imported business and investing titles on

Aravind Adiga's new wrecking ball of a novel

[2011-07-08 17:12]

Aravind Adiga, whose debut novel The White Tiger won the Booker prize in 2008, sets his new book in a scruffy tower block in his adopted home of Mumbai, a swirling mass of 16 million people, slums, apartment buildings and Bollywood.

An unusual thriller for crime fans

[2011-07-08 15:03]

In what its editor called a publishing first, 26 authors with combined sales of tens of millions of books have joined forces to write a thriller called No Rest For the Dead.

New book explores impact of Wenchuan earthquake

[2011-06-15 16:41]

The new book The Impact of the Wenchuan Earthquake offers an insight for readers to commemorate the disaster in 2008.

Nobel laureate visiting China

[2011-06-13 16:37]

Peruvian-Spanish writer Mario Vargas Llosa, 2010 Nobel laureate in literature, is to pay a nine-day visit to China in Beijing and Shanghai, kicking off on June 12.

Conan Doyle's debut work belatedly sees the light of day

[2011-06-10 14:15]

Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle's debut novel is to be published for the first time in September, nearly 130 years after it was written.

Vocalist who raised her voice and rose above life

[2011-06-03 09:48]

A new book about legendary French singer Edith Piaf reveals much about her life before stardom, including her yearnings for poetry and philosophy as a young girl working to overcome her tough upbringing.

The real politics of realpolitik

[2011-06-03 09:32]

If there is something to offer clues as to how the world's two largest economies should handle their relations, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger's new book, On China, is that thing, Chinese and Western critics say.

Australian children book illustrator receives award

[2011-06-02 14:52]

Australian children book illustrator Shaun Tan Tuesday received his Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award from the hands of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria in Stockholm Concert Hall.

High Party official: Books can help define happiness

[2011-06-01 13:41]

What are officials in Guangdong reading these days? Many now have a title by Harvard scholar Tal Ben-Shahar and another co-written by Nobel Prize-winning economists Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen along with French economist Jean Paul Fitoussi.

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