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Love's labors pay rich dividends in Philippines

[2011-08-24 09:06]

In the fantasy world created by Philippine publishing giant Precious Hearts Romances, the men are rich, sexual promiscuity and homosexuals are taboo, and the story always ends happily after 128 pages.

Conveying the magic of Marquez

[2011-08-19 10:48]

When Fan Ye started to translate One Hundred Years of Solitude into Chinese, the Spanish teacher at Peking University didn't expect it to be so successful.

Right to rewrite?

[2011-08-19 10:10]

Criticism of Chinese authors includes the claim the only reason some have an int'l following is because their translators have done such a great job.

Balancing the books

[2011-08-16 11:30]

Traditional bookstores are thinking outside of the box to stay in business.

A reading light at the end of a long dark tunnel

[2011-08-12 18:30]

Xia Yu's autobiographical essay collection The Sound of Darkness is an immense dark cave, resounding with detonations, shrill sirens and harrowing wails.

An author who confronts our demons

[2011-08-05 10:57]

A brief introduction to Cun Wenxue's book Biluo Snow Mountain.

In brief

[2011-07-29 10:55]

Pearl Buck (1892-1973), the daughter of missionaries and the first US woman to win a Nobel for literature, spent nearly all of the first 42 years of her life in China, and her childhood was marked by poverty and social upheavals.

Thriller with a cause

[2011-07-29 10:39]

Daphna Ziman is on a mission to help foster children, and she's picked a novel way to do it - novel, being the key word.

Real life dreams

[2011-07-29 10:37]

A journalist is chronicling the true stories of 100 ordinary, yet representative, people in a 10-volume book series.

What they say

[2011-07-22 11:24]

Commentaries on Yang Jiang's three books: We Three, Baptism, and Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder" and her translation works.

Indian trilogy writer strikes 'black gold'

[2011-07-22 11:05]

Indian writer Amitav Ghosh's novels sometimes read like an encyclopedia. His newest, River of Smoke (John Murray) could, just as well, be read as a scholarly discourse on the life and times of mid-19th century Cantonese society.

Translation, mostly a labor of love

[2011-07-15 13:48]

Given that only 3 percent of what's published in English is translation, if you're in the business as a niche publisher/translator, chances are, you're doing it for love.

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