Chinese and Belgian dancers to launch new Genesis world tour

( ) Updated: 2013-11-01 16:46:56

Chinese dancer Wang Yabin has joined forces with international choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui to launch her new production Genesis next month.

With the theme "the origin of creation and formation" , Genesis uses the metaphoric description of a tree growing, aiming at discovering the original forces of constructing and deconstructing, structuring and restructuring an organism, as Wang explained during an introduction of the performance at a forum on Genesis on October 27 in Beijing.

Genesis, a dance inspired by nature, unveils the everlasting humanistic themes on new and old, past and future, birth and death, love and hate, conveying aesthetic philosophical ideas through dance.

In addition to having Cherkaoui, Genesis will feature the joint efforts of international dancers and several executive directors. Other than Yabin Wang, outstanding domestic dancers Chao Li, Qing Wang and Fang Yi also join the performances for the season.

See video: Yabin and her frieind Season 5 Genenis "What we want to do is not only present the best domestic dance performances to the audience, but to present works with an international aspect. That's why we chose to cooperate withartists from different countries," said Wang, who is also co-artistic director of Genesis and founder of Yabin Studio.

When asked how they will meet the demands from Chinese and western audiences, Cherkaoui said, "We want to be generous, we want to give something from the heart. My images are sometimes disturbing, but they're presented with love, not with hate. So we were looking for images can make you think and make you think beyond your own limits, because we also try to go beyond our limits. That's why we try to grow, we are trying to go beyond."

Genesis marks the fifth season of Yabin and Her Friends performing, following Dancing with You in 2009, Pursuing in 2010, Expecting with Faith in 2011, and Yabin and Her Friends Three-year Anniversary Exhibition in 2012, according to Wang.

Genesis will start its world tour at Beijing's National Grand Theater on November 14 and 15, and perform at theGuangzhouFriendship Theater on November 21 and 22 andShanghaiOriental Art Center on November 27 and 28. It will be staged in major theaters in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Netherlands and Luxembourg over the next two years.

(video by Yang Qi)

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