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Fishermen rescued in South China Sea

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-06-07 09:40

BEIJING - The China Coast Guard (CCG) has rescued 14 fishermen who were reported missing in the South China Sea on Thursday, said the CCG headquarters here Saturday.

Contact with the fishing boat Qiongyangpu 13073, with a crew of 14, lost on Thursday morning while it was on its way from the Nansha Islands to Xisha Islands, said a CCG statement.

After hours of searching, CCG vessels and helicopters spotted a life-raft in the nearby waters on Thursday afternoon and successfully rescued people on board, the statement said.

All fishermen have been sent to Sanya, a coast city of Hainan Province, for medical treatment, the statement said.

According to the crew, the fishing boat sank early Thursday morning due to bad weather and huge waves, it added.

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