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Tips for gaokao examinees

( Updated: 2014-06-06 17:19

Section 1:

The don't eat list from People's Daily weibo:

A. Food containing lead that will affect brain function: popcorn, preserved duck eggs.

B. Food or drink that disturbs sound sleep: tea, coffee, spicy food.

C. Preserved and salted food that affects blood pressure.

D. Items that reduce immunity: fat meat, coffee and pork rind.

E. Items that affect the digestive system: cold drinks and ice cream.

F. Items that make you feel low: tobacco and instant noodles.


Section 2:

Dos and don'ts during national entrance exam days from illustrator Ben Dandan:

The Dos

1, Get familiar with routes to exam sites before the big day. Every year gaokao candidates go to the wrong site.

2, Prepare permitted stationary and ID cards: pencil, eraser, rulers and more.

3, Write clearly on answer sheets.

4, Check your answers before handing in the sheets.

The Don'ts

1, Don't take a mobile phone and e-dictionary.

2, Don't be late, otherwise you'll not be allowed in.

3, Don't write beyond the edge of the answer sheets, or make other marks on the sheets.

4, Don't forget ID cards and don't take question papers away with you.


Section 3:

Advice from the traffic police

1, Calculate how long is needed to ensure being at the exam site on time. It is better to walk or take the metro. If you choose a motor vehicle, take your belongings with you.

2, If you forget to take the exam admission card with you, don't panic, try to contact your teacher.

3, If you get caught in a traffic jam on way to gaokao, you may contact 110 and show the traffic police your exam admission card. You'll be taken care of.

4, If you feel sick during the exam, let the supervisor know and they'll take you to a doctor.

5, If you find problems with the exam paper, eg. poor printing, let the exam supervisor know.


Gaokao anecdotes

From weibo users

In 37 years, if count the questions in the English listening tests of the annual gaokao, the man asked the woman out for 44 times and the woman all said no, while the woman asked the man out for 17 times, and the man said yes for 17 times. Examinees remember the principle and hope you all good luck.

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