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China warns of reaction to US cyber indictment

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-05-29 20:25

BEIJING - China said on Thursday that it would take further reaction to the US allegation of cyber theft by Chinese military officers, according to circumstances.

"We have evidence of some countries conducting cyber attacks on China's government, national defense organs, companies and important websites. We will further react to the US indictment in accordance with the situation," said Geng Yansheng, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense, at a regular press briefing. Geng referred to the indictment the United States announced on May 19 against five Chinese officers it accuses of stealing corporate secrets from US firms.

Citing the Iraqi war as an analogy, Geng said the United States, which has unique advantage in Internet technology and infrastructure, has proved to be capable and willing to fabricate evidence.

"The so-called evidence reminds me of the Iraqi war early this century. The United States claimed that it had sufficient proof of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. However, more than a decade on, there is still no evidence of them before the international community, just an enormous war and tragedy for the Iraqi people," he said.

The spokesman noted that the United States has not given a clear explanation for its own espionage and monitoring of foreign political leaders, companies and individuals, even though its clandestine Prism surveillance program has been exposed for nearly a year.

"The US side is not qualified to finger point at others while its own notorious misbehavior stands uncorrected," according to Geng.

At the Foreign Ministry's daily press conference on Thursday, spokesman Qin Gang accused the United States of fabricating evidence, violating the basic norms of international relations and harming bilateral ties.

"The United States should reflect on and admit its mistakes," Qin said.

Geng also said that the indictment is an excuse for the United States to enlarge its cyberspace force.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in March that the number of staff employed at US Cyber Command will grow to more than 6,000 by the year 2016.

"Whenever the U.S armed forces want to enlarge their cyberspace force, it hypes the cyber threat from other countries as a pretext for its development of offensive force. The indictment is long premeditated and ill-intentioned," Geng said.

He added that China's armed forces will strengthen protection of the country's cyberspace security.

The spokesman also reiterated China's firm opposition to and fight against crimes including cyber attacks and cyber theft.

China is a major victim of global hacker attacks. The Chinese government and armed forces will steadily safeguard the cyberspace security, he vowed.

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