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Xinjiang police training launched

By Xu Wei (China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-15 07:10

A group of veteran officers has been sent to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to train local police officers in anti-terrorism and the use of weapons, the Ministry of Public Security has announced.

The 30 training officers were selected from the ministry's training bases, public security colleges and SWAT teams nationwide, the ministry said on its official website on Tuesday.

They will help beef up the capabilities of police officers in Xinjiang with lectures, field training and combat lessons.

The training will also include the use of guns, combat tactics, emergency handling, response to weapons other than guns, and safety protection.

The ministry said the move is part of its effort to implement President Xi Jinping's instructions on fighting terrorism and safeguarding stability in Xinjiang.

Xi urged police officers in Xinjiang to find "effective ways" to deal with terrorists during his visit there last month. It was his first visit to the region since becoming the nation's top leader in November 2012.

The ministry said the move is also part of a nationwide training plan for police officers on the use of weapons.

The most recent terrorist attack in Xinjiang occurred on April 30 when two assailants stabbed people and set off explosives at the exit of the Urumqi South Railway Station. The attack claimed three lives, including the two suspects, and injured 79 people.

The police later identified the two suspects as having long been involved with religious extremism.

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