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Death penalties set aside after 8 years

By Ma Lie ( Updated: 2014-05-05 17:18

Three farmers in Bozhou, Anhui province, were acquitted after complaining for 8 years about their death penalty sentences, Beijing Times reported on Monday.

Dai Kemin, Li Baochun and Li Chao, villagers in Qiandaizhuang village, were arrested by police in September 2006 as suspects in a murder that occurred in 2002. They were sentenced to death by the city court that year. From then on, they protested continuously and were finally acquitted on Jan 10 after a review by Anhui provincial high court.

Dai asked for 3.18 million yuan ($508,000) of State compensation and Li Baochun and Li Chao asked for 2.8 million yuan each on April 2. Their requests were under consideration.

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