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Beijing to raise tap water price in May

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-29 16:00

BEIJING - The cost of household water in China's capital will rise next month after Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on Tuesday announced a new multi-tier pricing plan.

According to the plan, the lowest tier water price will rise from 4 yuan to 5 yuan per cubic meter from May 1, for households with an annual consumption less than 180 cubic meters, which covers 90 percent of households.

Households with an annual water consumption ranging between 180 and 260 cubic meters will be charged 7 yuan per cubic meter. The water price for annual consumption over 260 cubic meters will rise to 9 yuan per cubic meter.

The cost of non-residential water consumption will be adjusted accordingly, authorities said.

Beijing held a public meeting to discuss the changes on April 17.

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