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China slams Japan's 'Diplomatic Bluebook for 2014'

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-04 21:25

BEIJING - China on Friday expressed deep concern and strong dissatisfaction over Japan's outrageous claim of the "China Threat" laid through its "Diplomatic Bluebook for 2014".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing that the bluebook made groundless accusations against China and maliciously depicted China as a threat.

"Japan has deliberately made provocations and sought excuses for military expansion, aiming to serve its domestic political pursuit," Hong said, adding that the international community should be highly alarmed.

He noted that it is Japan itself that stirs up troubles on the Diaoyu Islands and the East China Sea.

Japan can never change the fact that the the Diaoyu Islands belong to China and will not shake China's firm determination to safeguard national territorial sovereignty, Hong said.

He urged Japan to correct its attitude and stop provocative remarks and actions that might damage China's sovereignty and legitimate rights.

"Japan should educate their next generations with a right view on history. Tell them the truth about the Diaoyu Islands in the textbooks and let them know the islands belong to China," the spokesman said.

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